Have you fallen in love (again)?!

Have you fallen in love (again)?!

By Jacqui Vidal

Have you fallen in love (again)?!

Bringing your new plant baby home.
We all know that buying plants can turn into a serious addiction, but with benefits that include better air quality, higher productivity and let's face it, an Insta-worthy living room, what's not to love? 

The most important (and dangerous!) time in your new plant's life is often when they first come home. A new environment, one that may not meet the ideal conditions they have grown up in, is your plant's biggest challenge. 

To guide you through the first few months, here's some tips that will give your plant a fighting start. 

Resist the urge to re-pot. 
Your new green friend has most likely arrived home in a plastic nursery pot (or 'grower's' pot). If you have a beautiful pot in mind that it would look just perfect in, rather than pot directly into it, consider using the pot as a 'cache' pot. 

A cache pot is a decorative pot that the nursery pot will sit in. If your cache pot has drainage holes simply place a drip tray in the base. Using a cache pot equals ease of care. You can take your plant outside or into the shower to water it, whilst being able to move it around more easily and if any plant pests rear their ugly heads, you can easily isolate your plant whilst treating it. 

Do some research.
Now's the time to get googling or digging through your book collection. Research your plant and find out the basics at least; how much water it needs, should it be placed in a position with direct sun, a bright location or will it thrive in low light? Does it prefer high humidity or does it thrive in dry environments? Knowledge is your friend and five minutes of research now will be time well spent!

 (P.S Our books Plant Style +  Nature Style can help with this).

Go easy on the water. 
As we all know by now, over watering is the #1 killer of houseplants. Not sure whether your plant needs water? Dip your finger approximately one inch into the topsoil. When the soil is wet or damp it will feel soft to the touch. When it's getting dry, it will feel harder, rough or rocky and gives more resistance when touch. Don't trust yourself? Opt for a water meter - Sustee makes great ones that take all the guesswork out of the equation. 


Add a little TLC.
Give the leaves a wipe - the underside too! Dust-free leaves help your plant breathe. Also take note of your plant's general health. Inspect for pests; the earlier you deal with any issues the better! 

Allow the plant to stabilise and acclimatise to its new location for at least 1.5 - 2 months. After it's gradually settled in and if the weather is warm outside and your plant is in its growing season, you can apply a full spectrum fertiliser (like our very own Ivy Muse Plant Tonic) to boost its growth and ensure it thrives! 


By following the above pointers you will be giving your plant the best chance of living a long and luscious life.

 Until next time... happy planting!