How to choose the right plant stand.

How to choose the right plant stand.

By Alana Langan

How to choose the right plant stand.

When it comes to choosing the right plant stand for your plant there's a few simple questions you can ask yourself to make the decision a whole lot easier. Whether you need a hefty stand for a large indoor pot or a petite tabletop stand for a flower pot, there's an Ivy Muse design to suit.

(*P.S Our website lists all of our plant stand dimensions so we've taken the guess work out of making a choice).

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1. Measure your pot - and your space.

Measure your pot and find which stands will be compatible with it. Also measure the space where the plant stand will sit. Will it sit on a table? Or next to a buffet? How tall or short, slim or wide does it need to be? Does it risk being knocked over easily, or is it in a quiet corner? Compile options that fit your pot (and space) into a short-list.

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2. Choose your design.
Now you've got your short-list of potential plant stands, time to figure out exactly which one suits best. Firstly, decide which pot stand will complement your plant. If you've got a top-heavy, wide reaching plant like a peace lily, a slim and tall stand (like our Halo) may not be the best pairing as it could topple over easily. Alternatively, a low and sturdy plant stand (like our Hourglass pedestal (pictured)) or a taller stand (like our Comet) that was designed to suit larger plants could work well. 

3. Choose your colour.

Once you've locked in your final plant stand choice (one that will complement your plant, as well as fit your pot and your space), it's time to choose the colour. You can play it safe by going with a neutral like black, white or grey for instance, which will ensure your pot and plant remain the focus of the arrangement. Alternatively, choose a bolder colour plant stand for a striking, eye-catching effect that can create a real focal point. 

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4. Support local Australian design and manufacturing.
Ivy Muse plant stands have been made in Melbourne since 2014. With a focus on traditional techniques and materials with integrity, our botanical wares are manufactured locally by skilled craftspeople and are often available in small, limited edition batches.

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Photo credit: Annette O'Brien for Adore Magazine