Ivy Muse X Cisco & the Sun... the making of.

Ivy Muse X Cisco & the Sun... the making of.

By Alana Langan

Ivy Muse X Cisco & the Sun... the making of.


Drawn to flecks of character, stories and quality in truly unique, one-off and handmade pieces, we love to collaborate with talented makers and artisans.

We fell in love with Cisco & the Sun wares as soon as we first laid eyes on them (back in 2020!) Recognised for working with ceramicists who craft entirely by hand using ancient and considered techniques, we knew Cisco & the Sun was the prefect choice to create a custom Ivy Muse planter.

Shared values

With a shared commitment to sustainable production and practices, timeless design and minimalist aesthetic, our pairing with Cisco & the Sun was a natural extension of our collaborative efforts.

Our custom planter is produced in small batches in Cambodia by local artisans who apply a methodology of ceramic making that ensures every piece retains its own unique handmade sensibility.

Considered design

With hand-crafted charm apparent in every piece, there's an intangible element to our Ivy Muse X Cisco & the Sun planters which can't be seen, but can be felt; a comfort beyond the senses that permeates from hand to soul.

Available in three sizes and four colour ways, all planters have been designed with a drip tray base, ensuring functionality for your plants both big and small.

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