Top 5 tips for healthy,
 happy plants this Autumn.

Top 5 tips for healthy,
 happy plants this Autumn.

By Alana Langan

Top 5 tips for healthy,
 happy plants this Autumn.

With a change of season, so too comes a change in your plant care routine. Now Autumn is here, indoor plants begin to slow down their growth, nestling in for the restful dormant period ahead whilst we experience darker, shorter days and cooler temperatures. Here we break down our top care tips into five simple steps to help your plants thrive during this period.

1. Decrease watering
Water will evaporate more slowly from soil than in the warmer months so adjust your watering schedule as needed. This doesn’t mean plants need less water day-to-day, just that your usual watering schedule will be less frequent. As a general guide, wait until the top 3cm of soil is dry before watering again. (Of course, all plants have different needs so research what your individual plant requires). 

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2. Go easy on the fertiliser
An organic fertiliser is great to replenish a plant’s nutrients, but this is best done during Spring/Summer when the plant is in its growth phase. When a plant is dormant, especially in winter, fertiliser can easily burn the roots. If you want to be cautious during Autumn, try diluting the fertiliser solution and see how your plant responds.

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3. Give them a little TLC
Autumn is a great time to stop and take stock of your plant gang and see how they’re travelling. Give them a little TLC; trim and prune where needed and remove any unsightly dry, yellowing or brown leaves plus any wayward growths or leggy vines that may have appeared over summer. Wipe down the leaves gently (both sides) using a damp, wet cloth and check for pests and treat where necessary.

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4. Light and temperature 
As the days get darker and cooler, the light and temperature in your home can change. Plants don’t like dramatic changes in temperature so move them away from drafty windows and doors. Also, consider moving plants so they can catch some extra rays of sun or have a brighter outlook. Heaters and fireplaces can also wreak havoc on plants, drying out their leaves and browning the edges. To overcome this, increase humidity by misting your plants every few days.

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5. Don't repot!
If you’ve missed the opportunity to repot your plant during Spring, its best to be patient and leave the job until next Spring – the ideal time to do so. Re-potting can be a big change for plants and it’s a task best carried out during the growth period (Spring/Summer) when the plant can confidently grow into its new home. *As an alternative, place your potted plant into a larger pot (called a cache' pot) and then repot when Spring comes!*

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