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Are you a green addict who loves your indoor plants as much as we do? Are you the envy of all your friends with your uncanny ability to grow lush beautiful indoor foliage? Or are you the other end of the spectrum – you love them but kill everything green around you due to your dreaded black thumb plus inability to water frequently due to The Lazy Gardner Disease? Either way, hold on tight – we have something that will revolutionize the way you view your indoor plants forever.

Munash Organics are proud as punch to launch two new items : our Indoor Plant Soil Food and our Indoor Plant Foliage Spray. The powerhouse combination of these two products gives a killer left – right hook in the fight to keep your plants in tip top form.

Our liquid mineral Indoor Plant Foliage Spray made especially for indoor plants, is a special tonic created from natural minerals from the Tasmanian waters loaded with micro minerals and trace elements, which when applied fortnightly to your plants via our easy to administer spray bottle, will absolutely positively make your plants sing. Seriously. You’ll hear them humming as they vibrate, and glow with pleasure, growing up big and strong. Promise.

So how does it work? Well, it’s pretty darn simple really. Which is the best bit. Our gentle blend of natural elements, and minerals from the sea will give your plants the perfect nutrients to keep them healthy, strong and happy. A bit like giving them a vitamin pill but you just squirt them with foliage spray once a fortnight. You can manage that, can’t you?

On the other hand, the Munash Indoor Plant Soil Food is made up of natural rock minerals derived from Central Victoria in a mix specially formulated to assist the growth of your potted plants. And it comes in the cutest darn little tin. Sprinkled on top of the soil, the 67 trace elements and minerals will get to work ensuring your plant’s roots are fed, and your soil retains moisture more evenly, which will in turn make your indoor plants flourish. A fine sprinkle of one teaspoon per pot on the soil every two months is all your plant needs. And the ace news is that Indoor Plant Soil Food can be used for all your pots both indoors and outdoors.

Munash Organics Indoor Plant Food & Munash Organics Plant Foliage Spray are best used in conjunction with each other – in fact it’s highly recommended you do. They are perfect for the notorious ‘But I kill everything green I am left in charge of’ amongst us…we know who you are, and rest assured, we promise you with our new plant spray and plant food, you’ll be growing the biggest juiciest greenest plants in no time for your family, your housemates or even just your good self, to enjoy. Both are also scent-free and completely safe to use around animals, as it is non-toxic.

Whilst you are sitting back and admiring your new green super-powers, and instagramming the hell out of your glistening leaves, you’ll also be able to rest your conscience with the fact that all Munash Organics products are 100% safe, 100% natural and have the organic tick of approval.

Oh, and did we mention that not only are indoor plants scientifically proven to make you more intelligent, (it’s true – they pump more oxygen into the room making your brainwaves respond faster) but indoor plants make you ten times more sexy as well. Fact.