Munash Indoor Foliage Plant Spray from Munash | available now at Ivy Muse

Munash Indoor Foliage Plant Spray

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This liquid fertiliser is formulated especially for indoor plants & acts quickly to give your plants the nutrients they need.
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Made from sustainably sourced Australian Bull Kelp, trace elements, minerals and enzymes.

Specifically formulated Seaweed & NPK Blend
Nitrogen 1. 3% | Phosphorus 0. 7% | Potassium 3. 8%
Nourishes and feeds indoor plants.
Helps indoor plants build added resistance to better handle environmental stress and a change in conditions.
Can be used when watering plants, no need to add in an extra step!
Apply 2mls (one pump) to 2 litres of water.
Makes 200 litres of solution.
Shake well before use / keep out of direct sunlight.
Use fortnightly for best results.

Designed to work together | For best results, use the Indoor Plant Seaweed Tonic in conjunction with our Indoor Plant Soil Food and Indoor Plant Foliage Spray. This lush sea mineral tonic will assist these two products to work more effectively completing the synergy between our Indoor Plant Care Range.

100% Safe
100% Natural
500ml or 1lt amber bottle with a spray nozzle

Meet the Maker
Are you a green addict who loves your indoor plants as much as we do?

Are you the envy of all your friends with your uncanny ability to grow lush beautiful indoor foliage?

Or are you the other end of the spectrum, you love them but kill everything green around you due to your dreaded black thumb plus inability to water frequently due to The Lazy Gardner Disease?

Either way, hold on tight, Munash have something that will revolutionize the way you view your indoor plants forever.

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