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Launched in Spring 2014, IVY MUSE is a botanical wares studio based in Melbourne, Australia.

What started as an idea to 'encourage creativity with greenery' has grown into an all-encompassing commitment to cultivating wellbeing with plants. Co-founders Jacqui Vidal and Alana Langan are passionate about wellness and the myriad life-enhancing benefits plants can bring people. This enthusiasm has seen IVY MUSE grow from releasing a small collection of four plant stands in 2014 to being an integral part of an inspiring 'green' movement much bigger than themselves today.

IVY MUSE design functional plant stands and botanical wares that amplify plant-life within a space. With a focus on traditional techniques and materials with integrity, IVY MUSE botanical wares are manufactured locally when ever possible and can be treasured for years to come.

 With a wholistic view in mind, IVY MUSE also offer residential and commercial plant styling and maintenance services.

In Spring 2016 IVY MUSE Botanical Emporium opened its doors in High Street, Armadale (VIC). This design-driven space houses the entire collection of IVY MUSE plant stands and products, complemented by a curated collection of plants, ceramics, botanical wares and tools from around the globe.

Spring 2017 saw the release of IVY MUSE’s first book; ‘Plant Style: How to greenify your space’, (published by Thames & Hudson) which has now gone into its second print run here in Australia. Offering readers a handbook to life with plants and how to incorporate them seamlessly into their spaces, it is available at at numerous local stockists, plus also Anthropologie, Urban Outfitters and Terrain across the US & UK, among others. A Chinese language edition was released in 2020.

IVY MUSE is the brainchild of longtime friends Jacqui Vidal (founder of art gallery Signed & Numbered) and Alana Langan (interiors stylist).

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