Care + Maintenance

Treat your Ivy Muse purchase with love and it will last a lifetime!

Powder Coated Surfaces

Powder-coated surfaces are easily damaged by direct contact with abrasive surfaces such as cardboard, the exterior of unglazed pots and other textured surfaces including textured flooring such as course tiles. Please take care to store and package all plant stands with care. If surface cleaning is required, please use a damp soft cloth and a soft circular motion to remove any offending marks. Plant stands are not galvanised or zinc coated and will rust if water gets in contact with damaged powder-coated surfaces.


    Timber used is generally salvaged Victorian Ash, sourced locally in Melbourne. All timber is coated twice is Osmo Raw Natural Oil. In order to maintain your timber look and finish, please avoid contact with water and other wet substances. We also strongly recommend a light sand and re-coat with Osmo Raw Natural Oil on a yearly basis, especially if the timber is exposed to direct sun.

      Plated Surfaces

      Plated Surfaces such as copper or brass plated products may require polishing on a regular basis if you desire a polished / shiny finish. We recommend Brasso Metelware Polish which is available in most supermarkets and hardware stores. Please follow instructions on the product.

        Stoneware / Ceramics and Glass Products

        Stoneware / Ceramic and Glass products can be cleaned with care to remove surface dirt and marks. Remove loose dirt with a soft bristle brush or a soft cloth if the surface is completely smooth. Washing with mild soap and tap water is acceptable but distilled or deionised water is preferable. Do not use abrasive cleansers or steel wool. 

          Cement Surfaces

          Cement surfaces can be cleaned with a damp microfiber cloth in small round circular movements. Limit exposure to water and if spills should happen, wipe dry immediately.

            Spun Metal Pots

            Whilst our spun metal pots are constructed from high quality spun aluminium, a material which makes them rust resistant, for the longevity of the powder-coat finish we recommend using your new pot as a cache pot.

            A cache pot is simply a decorative pot that you sit the plant in its original plastic nursery pot inside of.

            Powder-coat surfaces have also been known to react to the various organic matter and non-organic chemicals in potting mix, such as slow release fertilisers etc. Using your new pot as a cache pot will prevent the powder-coat surface coming into direct contact with your plants soil.

            We recommend elevating the spun metal pot off your indoor or outdoor floor surface to protect the powder-coat finish on the base of the pot. This can be done by applying self-adhesive clear silicone gel round door / cabinet bumpers to the base of the pot. If a higher elevation is required to allow water to free drain in outdoor areas, we recommend using window packers.

            To protect indoor floor surfaces we recommend placing a plastic drip tray (available at your local hardware store) in the base of the spun metal pot, before placing the plant in its nursery pot inside the pot.