What are Ivy Muse plant stands made of?

  • Ivy Muse plant stands are made of powder-coated steel. The lower stands are made of 8mm rod steel in order to hold greater weights and the taller stands of 6mm rod steel for a more refined and delicate finish. 

Where are Ivy Muse plant stands made?

  • Ivy Muse plant stands are designed and made in Melbourne from start to finish.

    What if I have a drip tray?

    • Most low Ivy Muse plant stands (Prism & Cubby etc) are suitable for pots that require drip trays.  Use of a drip tray with the taller stands will depend on the size and shape of the drip tray and pot. If your drip tray does not fit the plant stand you have purchased we recommend watering the plant outside, letting it sit for a couple of hours so excess water drains out, then moving it inside and sitting it inside / on top of your plant stand. Alternatively, consider using a ‘self-watering’ pot.

    Are Ivy Muse stands compatible with designer pots? (e.g. Design Twins / On The Side / Pop & Scott etc)

    • All Ivy Muse low stands (Prism & Cubby etc) not only look amazing with big designer pots but are purpose built to bear the weight. The small and medium sized pots by the aforementioned designers are compatible with our lower stands. We do not recommend the use of our taller stands (Quartz & Willow etc) with these pots as this makes the stands very ‘top heavy’ and potentially unstable.

    What size pot/vase/vessel should I get?

    • Ivy Muse plant stands suit a variety of pot sizes and shapes, allowing for maximum creativity in the way they can house plants. The dimensions of each stand design is clearly detailed in the product description on our website. As a guide however; Quartz and Willow stands suit vessels approximately 20cm in diameter and most low stands (Prism & Cubby etc) suit vessels from 16cm - 30cm.

    Is GST included in the price?

    • Yes, the price shown includes Australia’s 10% Goods and Service Tax (GST). Please contact us via email if you require a tax invoice. 

    Are the plant stands and products suitable for outdoor use?

    • We do not recommend the use of Ivy Muse plant stands in outside areas. Like any item that is exposed to the elements, general wear should be expected over time if stands are placed in an unsheltered area. As the steel component of many of products are not zinc coated / galvanised, any exposure to water may cause it to rust.

    Do you offer gift cards?

    • Gift cards are available for purchase online HERE. Gift cards are delivered by email and contain instructions to redeem them at checkout. Our gift cards have no additional processing fees and are redeemable in our Armadale Shop and online.