Cultivating wellbeing with plants.

What started as an idea to 'encourage creativity with greenery' has grown into an all-encompassing commitment to cultivate wellbeing with plants. We’re passionate about wellness and the myriad life-enhancing benefits plants can bring people and share this through everything we do. This enthusiasm has seen us grow from releasing a small collection of four plant stands in 2014 to being an integral part of an inspiring 'green' movement much bigger than ourselves today.

In 2017 we strived to take our message even further, releasing our best-selling book ‘Plant Style; How to greenify your space’ and in 2021 the follow-up ‘Nature Style; Cultivating wellbeing at home with plants’. Published by Thames & Hudson, both titles have been released internationally, with a Chinese language edition of ‘Plant Style’ printed in 2020.

Crafted in Melbourne since 2014.

Design & craftsmanship are at the forefront of everything we do. With a focus on traditional techniques and materials with integrity, IVY MUSE botanical wares are manufactured locally, in small batches, whenever possible. We work closely with a curated selection of local makers and manufacturers to bring our plant stands, pots, ceramics and other products to life. For some small collections, we also collaborate with artisans around the world depending on the raw materials and handcraft required.

We’re drawn to flecks of character, stories and quality in truly unique, one-off and handmade pieces. We believe this quality is tangible and hope you can feel the energetic exchange of every person who contributed to the making of an Ivy Muse piece, each with its own story to tell.

As well as designing our own range of botanical wares we love to champion local ceramicists, designers and makers with our curated botanical emporium offering.


As a female-owned and run business in operation for seven years, as we’ve grown, so too have our families; we’re both mothers (to five children in total!) and we understand the juggle of mothering whilst running a small business; it takes a village to raise both! We’re constantly buoyed by the Ivy Muse community and operate from a place of collaboration since we began in 2014 - we value our customers’ input in what we create and we’re aware everything we do is an opportunity to better serve our community.

We also work closely with local makers and designers, many of whom are also juggling parenthood and their craft, and we’re grateful to be able to offer a platform to showcase their work to a wider audience.